Buried in edits

I've neglected my blog a bit.

Has anyone out there in the void missed me? =p

I've been spending quite a bit of time editing.

For a little while now, my head has slowly been growing. Filling with hot air and the thoughts that I might actually be a great writer and my first novel is ready for agent submission.

Thankfully nemesis is always there to strike down those filled with hubris.

I'll admit I got a bit big for my britches (is that how you spell it?). I got a little boastful and preachy to others about writing. I should remember humility.

This I was given a taste of that well deserved humility when two seperate critiquers shredded a number of my chapters.

Not in an insulting or hurtful way, but it still stung a bit.

They showed me I still have quite a bit to learn and fix before I can consider my work good enough for publishing.

Live and learn right.

Needless to say, I'll be editing for a while.


Jessica Nelson said...

Awww, been there. Yes, I missed you. I kept stopping by, waiting for a new post. LOL
Just make sure their edits make sense to you. Our work is never perfect and if you over edit, it can suck the life right out. Plus, I've had tons of people shred mine for different reasons.
I just want to encourage you that your writing probably doesn't stink, even if it needs edits. :-)

Katie Salidas said...

This is quite a learning process, but I'm trying to take it in stride. Sadly I have very little time for things; job, family, and editing are taking up all of my time. I've ignored my blog a bit. Hopefully I won't be gone too long.

Jessica Nelson said...

It's okay. :-) Those other things are much more important than a blog. Seriously.

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