Sex sells, or does it?

Reviews have come back from a couple of beta readers and there is a small divide on the sexual nature of a few of my characters.

One reviewer was all for the passionate relationship between my main characters and found it necessary to assist in pushing the plot in the right direction.

Another reviewer, however thought that the bedroom scene was a little too much. Her argument was that making the book more "R" rated would thin out my potential audience, ( kids read horror and vampire stories too) and eventually hurt book sales if and when I get to that published point.

My original reviewer had a different take on it. Sex sells. Porno, Erotic Novels and Romance are all huge sellers and there is nothing wrong with adding a little romp in the sack to give my work a little naughty edge.

Now I am left wondering what to do. Do I leave in the sex, do I tone it down to a more PG-13 level, or remove it completely?

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Kel-Bell said...

I suggest leaving it in, but toning it down. Readers will fill in the gaps to suit their own taste.

Hichcock did the same thing with horror, and I still love his movies much better than the show it all gore of todays slasher flix.