Giving my Characters a day off.

Its a dirty little secret that I do my best writing while I am at work. Perhaps it is because my wonderfully active four-year-old isn't shouting "Mommy, Mommy Mommy," in my ear every five seconds, or maybe it is because my Husband isn't hounding me to listen to his stories of the daily grind or questioning what I am making for dinner. Maybe its because the office thermostat is set permanently at 60 degrees, making my shoe box size office feel like Antarctica, that causes the creative juices to flow (or the constant need to keep my fingers moving to stave off frostbite). Whatever the reason, I do my best creative writing while I am at work.

Really I should be working, that is what they pay me for, but what fun would that be?

Today however, I just don't have it in me.

I'm sick...

Not sick enough to actually miss work. No, that would be silly. If I can manage to sit here long enough to get paid for the day I will. Sniffles, Sneezes, Headaches and all, I'll tough it out and file a few things if it means no hit to my paycheck. My writing isn't good enough yet to afford me the luxury of staying home on days like these.

So instead of calling in sick to work, I'm calling in sick to writing my book.

At least that is the excuse I am allowing myself for the day. Normally I try and get in some book time each day. Stories don't write themselves you know. Today I just don't have it. I just can't feel it.

Lysander, Nicholas, Alyssa... They just aren't speaking to me today and I can't seem to think clearly how to help them through their adventure.

Instead, I am goofing off and hitting the Blogs and catching up on some of my internet reading.

I do hope my characters won't mind the day off.

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