Super Sale! Immortalis Series. #Free Print Books!

I've got an overstock of the original Immortalis series and would like to see them in the hands of readers rather than collecting dust on my shelves. So, for a limited time, I'm placing them up for FREE! Just pay shipping/handling. 
U.S. readers only at this time. I am working out the International shipping rates on a case by case basis, so please email me if you're out of the US and would like a copy.

Thanks to everyone who bought copies! All of the remaining stock has been sold!


piewacki said…
thank you for doing this, for your readers. I'm going to treasure my books.
Katie Salidas said…
Thank you... for reading!!! I'm happy to see these books find good homes with readers. Hugs to you!!
Valari Roberts said…
This is amazing! Thank you for helping to feed my signed book addiction ;) Doesn't hurt that I LOVED Carpe Noctem lol.
Monir Hossain said…
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I looked over my shelves and I'm only needing Soulstone. But now I see there are novella's I need to get too!

Thank you for offering these. :)
jen said…
bummer I missed out. really cool of you to do this though.