The Gates -Tv Show

We are already 4 shows into this season and I'm on the fence (pun totally intended) about this show.  Not sure I enjoy it as much as my current supernatural favorites: True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, and Being Human.

Have you seen it?

Any thoughts?


I really am trying to get into this series but I only got 2 episodes in so far. It just isn't keeping my attention but I don't just want to give up on it.

Stephanie G
Paranormal Haven
Katie S said…
I've watched a few episodes and just don't know if I like it. It has all the cool supernatural elements, but it feels like a daytime soap. I was never a fan of those. I dunno. I guess I'll keep watching and see if it hooks me.
Claudia said…
There is not much action in the show. Not to mention, very little character building. And there is no badass; although Dylan Radcliff is looking kinda hot in next week’s preview, finally... Every episode is a tease but none of them seem to have a real climax... 4 episodes in, we should at least know more about either the characters or the infrastructure of The Gates. I miss Damon... and sadly even Stephan... But Eric has my attention this season...