Blog Award!

Laurel from the fabulous Laurel's Leaves Blog, brightened my morning today with this lovely award!

I feel so honored! It's wonderful to know that sharing advice I have learned along the way, is helpful others!

Thank you!

Since this is a rule free award, I'm just going to pass it on to two other bloggers I think have wonderful advice too!

Susan Mills - A Walk In My Shoes. (excellent post on all subjects writing, plus some adorable shoes!

Roni Griffin - Fiction Groupie. Excellent posts on all things writing!

Thank you again Laurel!


Thanks so much! And congrats on receiving it yourself. You deserve it. :)
Deb@RGRamblings said…
Congrats Katie!! And to Susan and Roni as well -good picks!
ElanaJ said…
You deserve this award. Congrats!
Congrats on your award. I actually hopped over here from Laurel's blog! :-) I look forward to getting to know you.
quixotic said…
Thanks you guys! And a big Hello Hug, to Shannon. Thanks for stopping by!
Susan R. Mills said…
What a nice surprise! Thank you so much. Congrats to you. You totally deserve it.
L.T. Elliot said…
Congrats on the great award!!