Blog, Book, and Author Spotlight!

A couple of months ago I told you about my mother who had just started her own blog.

You can find that blog here.

Today, I am so proud to announce that she has published her first book!

"Where is God in Your Life: Three Retreats in Christian Spirituality"
by Susan Provost

Available at

"Through the development of three two-day workshops, I have presented a program that will show readers and participants how to recognize God in their lives and to feel His love. I have designed these workshops to help people to continue their spiritual journey to greater connection with God. Finally, I have created these workshops to help others to see the importance of the Christian faith as a spiritual road map to be used on the path to God"

She also launched a website to help promote her book as well as her services as a spiritual adviser.

Congratulations Mom! I am so proud of you!


That's awesome! Congrats, Katie's Mom!
Kristi Faith said…
Great job! And she's so lucky to have you to promote her!! :0)
Sande said…
What a mentor you have. Way to go.

Btw, can I join your followers again so I can be number 100?
L.T. Elliot said…
I think that's the coolest news I've read in weeks! Congratulations! I can't wait to see your own news soon enough.
Jessica said…
Pretty cool. :-) Congrats to your mom, and Kudos to you for supporting her like this. :-)
Susan R. Mills said…
Awesome! Congrats to your mom!
V. S said…
What a beautiful book! Congrats to your mother!
Secretia said…
That is great for her.