And the winner is...

This morning, I put all the names into a hat and let the munchkin pick the lucky winner.

(Don't mind the Koolaid face)



Here is his tip.

Less is more: I often struggle with this, and get caught up with flowery language. Its the curse of studying and reading too much. Sometimes, it's best just to say something and simple and plainly as possible.

Ok , now something just for the winner. Please email me at ROZGIRL(at)COX(dot)NET or contact me via Facebook (linky in the right, side bar) to give me your shipping information.

Thanks for playing and thanks for being wonderful blog readers!


Deb Salisbury said…
Congrats JM!

Cute munchkin!!!
Susan R. Mills said…
Congrats to the winner, and I agree with Deb; cute munchkin.
L.T. Elliot said…
congratulations, JM!
What a cutie pie!! Congrats JM!
Congrats JM and my gosh she is a cutie pie! I love seeing the pics you post on FB. :)
Angela said…
Congrats! Your daughter's a cutie!
Jessica said…
Oh no fair! His advice is what I was going to post on my blog next week! LOL

Your daughter is too adorable. :-)
Jm Diaz said…
YAY for me! I know, I know... its rude to rub it in, but whatever, I'm way excited!!

And the cool aid face is way cute :)

I'll be sending you my information, though I will say: I did not post the comment because of the contest, but because of my enjoyment of your blog.
Secretia said…
Great looking daughter you have!
Shelli said…
what a cutie pie.