When the muse talks...

You can't help but listen.

Ever had one of those crazy nights where writing dominates your life? I mean this in a good way, I think. One of those nights where you have to get it all on paper? You know what I mean, when a story pops into your head. Characters demand attention. And all you can do is sit and write it all out.

Yep, it's awesome, isn't it? I love when that happens. It usually comes in spurts, with chapter ideas (I'm a pantser so I don't outline, I wing it.), rather than full stories.

So, I'd been working so hard on the Immortalis series that I needed a mental break. I love this series, but i've been focusing on it for so long it is becoming a chore and that is not how it should be.

A couple of weeks ago, I was at work and absolutely refused to open up my MS word file. I didn't want to look at Alyssa and Lysander for a little while. Mental break time. Know what I mean? Sure you do we've all been there, right?

Then a story idea hit. It wouldn't leave my brain until I wrote it all down on paper (the electronic kind). Characters were flashing before my eyes, dialogue was running through my mind, scenes were drawing themselves. So I did the only thing I could do.

At home that evening I started writing. In one sitting I had 3k words written. The next day another 5k. I was on a roll. Inspiration had struck and I could do nothing else but listen. Eventually I had a 10k word short, erotic story all written out. Pretty cool huh?

It's a wonderful thing when the muse is working. It definitley makes up for the times when the muse is... on vacation.

Of course that means I have two stories now on the editing pile. LoL. Alas, a writers work is never done.

So tell me, has your muse been talking, feeding you story ideas?


Congrats on such an awesome night, Katie! I love those rare days and hope I can have another one soon. I've just started brainstorming a new story and it's a bit slow in coming. I can't wait to find out more!

Have a great weekend!
Strange Fiction said…
Congrats, I love when that happens! My muse is being a rebel and trying to push me in a new direction... not sure how long I can keep Fred at bay lol
KM said…
When the muse calls is probably one of my favorite times. I've actually been thinking about a story idea for a while, but I'm a total planner, so I have to figure out the entire story before I start writing. (I mean, sure, the story can change as I go, but I have to have a general idea before I start.) I think I want to dabble in a paranormal romance since they're popular now and all. So congrats on the new story! It's always exciting. :)
Lazy Writer said…
I love it when that happens. It hasn't happened in a while because I'm in editing mode, but when it does happen, I'm happier than any other time.
I do love when that happens. But I've been stuck in editing mode. Though every now and then scenes from book two or three creep in my head. :)
FictionGroupie said…
I had a whisper from my muse the other day. I wrote down the idea, but haven't pursued it yet since I'm in editing and critiquing mode. Congrats on finishing a story that quickly!
Jody Hedlund said…
That's awesome! It truly is a fascinating and wonderful thing when the muse is fired up and working well! I love it!
Jessica said…
That's awesome! Now two wips.... LOL! Have fun with those. :-)
B.J. Anderson said…
So awesome! I love it when that happens!!
It tends to happen to me in short spurts once a day--I never finish a scene without beginning a new one (I always have to finish in the middle so that, when I come back, I can take it further and into new places).

This is a great post, Katie. Thanks!